My name is Paula McDonough and I am The Venerable Bead or Venbead for short.  I am a single mother of two wonderful children ages 21 and 17. I am a clinical social worker and I am also a recent breast cancer survivor.  I’ve had a love affair with bead and jewelry designing since 1994.  It has changed forms many times but never waned. The glass bug hit in early 2005 while I was reading a Bead and Button magazine article about a borosilicate bead artist who started glassing in her 40's. I had never seen borosilicate glass before but I felt drawn to it. After that, I started buying boro beads from self representing artists to incorporate into my jewelry.  Then it occurred to me that I could probably learn how to make them myself. In the spring of 2005 I took a wonderful nine week lampworking class and in July 2005 I set up a glass studio in my home.  I have been happily melting glass ever since.

Why Cremation Pendants?

Following my breast cancer treatment in the spring and summer of 2012,  I was searching for more meaning in my work as a glass artist.  Then a lovely customer asked me if I could memorialize her son by encasing his cremains inside a pendant. The results were beautiful and Venbead Cremation Jewelry was born.


The Cremains can be seen as white and sandy behind the petals. They are permanently encased and fused inside the glass. From the ashes blooms a beautiful flower.  Choose between the Lily pictured left or the Sea Anemone pictured right.  You can suggest the colors of your flowers.  No two are ever exactly alike.